Why Scarcity Is Such An Effective Marketing Tactic

You have probably been lured in by a great deal because it was one of the last widgets available. Perhaps you joined a webinar because there was only room for ten more people at $XX price. Even if you clicked on a link for a free product before midnight, you know exactly what scarcity marketing is. What you may want to know is how to go about using it in your online promotions and messages.

The title of this article gives you yet another idea of what scarcity marketing incorporates. You want to give your visitors the idea that if they do not act right away, they are going to miss out on something incredible.

The first thing to implement with scarcity marketing is sincerity. You cannot continuously use this as a way to bait visitors to your product or service site unless you have a sincere message. You have to genuinely have a product or service available that is on sale or being sold at a tremendous discount. Otherwise, you can lose your visitors’ trust.

On the other hand, making use of this type of marketing to get rid of products that would be a total loss is a great way to retain your revenue. It is also a great way to fill up empty motel rooms or sell additional seats to a speech or performance that would otherwise cost you money. Learn more about using scarcity in design to get visitors to click right away.

Everyone loves a good deal, and the Internet is pretty much the world’s online clearing house. People are always checking for the next great coupon offer, whether they are using their smartphones, a tablet, or their laptop. There are plenty of opportunities to make use of scarcity offers using your website, your social media, blog, or your newsletter. Plus, if you have a solid search engine optimization plan in place, you can even make usage of this tactic on your site. For more details, you can check out a firm in Chicago to see how they can help.


There are two basic types of scarcity offers:

  1. The first type is the time-limit or deadline offer.
  2. The second is the inventory limit offer. For instance, you want people to act until June 1 to get in on the 75 percent off deal with your bed and breakfast. You send out a message with just that offer about a week before the deal expires.

In this case, you are using your online message to deliver a call to action that inspires your visitors to act by a certain deadline. If you have X number of t-shirts or other items available for a giveaway, you can deliver a call-to-action to hurry and buy them before they are sold out.

You have to give them the honest message that there are really only X number of items left, so each person should order right away. You can implement these types of marketing messages on a daily basis if you choose or you can take advantage of them at certain times of the year. The holidays are great times for special deadline offers. If you have a search optimization agency working on your website, you can have them change content and optimize your site accordingly for various times of the year.

Go ahead and craft your message. Be sure to indicate a deadline and use words like “act now!” No one wants to miss out on a great deal, especially online.

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