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Using Cycling As An Exercise Outlet For Business Owners

As a business owner, whether you’re in marketing, advertising, ecommerce, or anything else, taking care of your body and health should be a main focus. Without your health, you will be unable to properly run your business.

According to the professor of Kinesiology at the University of Texas located in Austin, Hirofumi Tanaka, both biking and running are great forms of exercise. Hirofumi says, “both running and cycling are rhythmic activities that fully engage the larger muscle groups”.

Nevertheless, there are specific differences to the exercises that can make the individual athlete choose one activity over the other. For example, a rule of thumb says that running generally consumes more calories per minute than you would with cycling. Hirofumi Tanaka reminds us that vigorous cycling can burn just as many calories if the rider is determined to do so. And, if you’re serious, you can use various products for cyclists, whether you are looking to track your progress, manage your workouts, or just have some cool gear, you may want to use bepro pedals for your bike.

According to the broader calculations presented by the American College of Sports and Medicine, running, biking and walking all consume calories but to a different extent. An average person weighing 150 lbs. Can burn as many as 1,000 calories per hour running at 7 MPH. The same person can burn 850 calories biking at 16 – 19 MPH, while walking will only burn about 360 calories per hour at a 4 MPH pace.

But these are not the only factors to consider, both running and cycling have been found to drastically reduce the amount of hunger felt during a workout. In a report published earlier this year, a group of healthy men were assigned to cycle for one hour on one day and repeat the same vigorous activity on foot the next. The results were tallied up and it was found that during both activities the amounts of ghrelin, a hormone that triggers hunger pangs, had fallen considerably.

This is important information to those who will be engaging in this activity for reasons of fitness and health. There are other differences in the benefits of a cycling and running routine and most of them are affected by the ways the muscles are engaged and the impact and intensity of the exercise.

While the calories burned can be basically the same, cycling and running target different muscles groups. Running or cycling along a route with plenty of inclines and declines will work all the major muscle groups from the waist down, including hamstrings, calves, buttocks and shins.

Because you don’t fully extend your hips when cycling, running is a better workout for gluteal muscles. The upper body is also engaged in different ways, cycling is more about the chest and arms that interface with the bike. In running the top of the body is engaged for balance and abs receive specific attention.

Then there are the issues of impact and intensity. Cycling employs smooth circular motions of the leg and is pretty low-impact. Running, on the other hand, requires a great deal of pressure be placed on the joints of the lower body.

This is the same weather you choose to run on soft sand or with the support of supportive shoes, nether will fully minimize the force of feet thumping on the ground. In this regard, cycling will preserve the function of the joints especially the ankles and knees.

In conclusion — running may be able to burn more calories in the same distance, but for especially large and tall people or those working out to decrease excessive weight, running may be tedious and painful. Cycling is less energy consuming, but this also means that exercises can be done more regularly and comfortably which will lead to better results in the long run.

Web Design Ideas That Fantasy Sports Websites Can Easily Implement

As a fantasy site owner, you can create a website to help get you more business and to keep your current players up to date. You can share pictures, videos, and offer specials through your website. Get some web design ideas that will work for you here if you have a fantasy football related website.


Ideas For A Fantasy Sports Website

If you aren’t sure of what kind of website you can create, these ideas can help. The main thing to do when trying to create a website is to think of what you can do to create something that is easy to update regularly. Mix and match these ideas and find t he best fantasy sports web design company to make the ideal site in this niche.

  • Fantasy Sports Blog – Creating a blog is easy, and the easiest way to do so on your own website is to use a content management system like WordPress. You will want to add content on a regular basis that has to do with your target sports and the overall topic in general. With a blog, you can share videos, photos, and written content.
  • Sports Info – Think of part of your website as a business card where you let people know how to get in touch with you. Have your email, phone number, and a mission statement on the contact information page so people know what you’re about and where to reach you.
  • Videos – videos related to or outlining top players in each position, boom and bust players, and other highlights are not that difficult to come by, and can be shared when you come across ones you think are interesting. You can also get your own camera and record your own thoughts and ideas.

How To Get Website Visitors

You cannot just expect your website to do well right after building it. There are a few ways to get traffic, and here you’re going to learn about social media and search engine optimization so you have a couple of methods to work with that are known to work.

  • Social Media – Create a social media profile for your business and you can reach out to who is currently a member on your site. Then you can ask them to share your content with who they know. You can pay for ads on this kind of website that reach out to people that are likely to be interested if you need more followers after that.
  • SEO – SEO is where you find out ways to rank well in search engine results so you can attract more visitors. Find someone to help with this, and remember to use keywords in your content when you update your blog or add anything to your website. Go look at popular websites that already do well in search engine results and check out how they use keywords in their content to get an idea of what to do with yours.

These web design ideas for fantasy sports enthusiasts can help if you need to create a page for your fantasy site or just to make a blog so you can share various ideas with your members. You can now see that there are quite a few different ways to work on a website.

Why Scarcity Is Such An Effective Marketing Tactic

You have probably been lured in by a great deal because it was one of the last widgets available. Perhaps you joined a webinar because there was only room for ten more people at $XX price. Even if you clicked on a link for a free product before midnight, you know exactly what scarcity marketing is. What you may want to know is how to go about using it in your online promotions and messages.

The title of this article gives you yet another idea of what scarcity marketing incorporates. You want to give your visitors the idea that if they do not act right away, they are going to miss out on something incredible.

The first thing to implement with scarcity marketing is sincerity. You cannot continuously use this as a way to bait visitors to your product or service site unless you have a sincere message. You have to genuinely have a product or service available that is on sale or being sold at a tremendous discount. Otherwise, you can lose your visitors’ trust.

On the other hand, making use of this type of marketing to get rid of products that would be a total loss is a great way to retain your revenue. It is also a great way to fill up empty motel rooms or sell additional seats to a speech or performance that would otherwise cost you money. Learn more about using scarcity in design to get visitors to click right away.

Everyone loves a good deal, and the Internet is pretty much the world’s online clearing house. People are always checking for the next great coupon offer, whether they are using their smartphones, a tablet, or their laptop. There are plenty of opportunities to make use of scarcity offers using your website, your social media, blog, or your newsletter. Plus, if you have a solid search engine optimization plan in place, you can even make usage of this tactic on your site. For more details, you can check out a firm in Chicago to see how they can help.


There are two basic types of scarcity offers:

  1. The first type is the time-limit or deadline offer.
  2. The second is the inventory limit offer. For instance, you want people to act until June 1 to get in on the 75 percent off deal with your bed and breakfast. You send out a message with just that offer about a week before the deal expires.

In this case, you are using your online message to deliver a call to action that inspires your visitors to act by a certain deadline. If you have X number of t-shirts or other items available for a giveaway, you can deliver a call-to-action to hurry and buy them before they are sold out.

You have to give them the honest message that there are really only X number of items left, so each person should order right away. You can implement these types of marketing messages on a daily basis if you choose or you can take advantage of them at certain times of the year. The holidays are great times for special deadline offers. If you have a search optimization agency working on your website, you can have them change content and optimize your site accordingly for various times of the year.

Go ahead and craft your message. Be sure to indicate a deadline and use words like “act now!” No one wants to miss out on a great deal, especially online.