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Welcome Tomcatters.  This site is dedicated to all of our current and former Tomcat pilots as well as the squadron personnel who support our mighty military squadrons.  This Association was created by former members of VF-31 to welcome and share information with all Tomcatters, not just VF-31.  For specific official information about VF-31, please visit the web site at

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In tribute to our association founders, here is a brief mention of their squadron:  The Fighting Tomcatters of VF-31 are the U.S. Navy’s second oldest operating fighter squadron. The squadron beginnings go back to commissioning of the VF-1B Shooting Stars in July 1935.  Through several re-designations, VF-31 was officially established on August 7, 1948.  After some controversy between several squadrons, VF-31 won rights to the Felix mascot and call-sign. The Tomcatters’ combat experience includes battles in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam, as well as regional conflicts all over the world. Today, the mission statement is, “To establish and maintain air supremacy, put bombs on target, and reconnoiter the enemy day or night. To develop, motivate, retain, and meet the needs of highly trained officers and enlisted personnel.”  As a former commanding officer of Fighter Squadron 31, I feel the utmost pride in every Tomcatter, past and present, for all that they have accomplished, and look forward to leading the Felix team into the next millennium.
Captain Rick Doran - a former Commanding Officer

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